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Preservation and value enhancement are achieved through over-site, periodic inspections, capital improvement programs, leasing plans, management operational review, and lease negotiations.


Triple Net Management

“Triple Net” Management provides over-site of clients “Triple Net” assets to ensure the tenant is fulfilling their responsibilities of the lease. Compliance is obtained through periodic inspections which monitor maintenance performance, fire life safety, and property safety.

Inspections are coupled with tenant interaction including work with Owner Associations and or their management companies to ensure compliance with CC&R’s and association agreements. Reporting is based on the inspections.

Syndication Management

PREAS’s Syndication Management provides investment and management services for their clients. The primary goal in syndication management is the growth of our client’s wealth and providing exceptional service.

Growth of our client’s wealth is gained from superior returns through handpicked multifamily properties after a conscientious review and are conservative investments which minimize the risk to our investors and present the best opportunity for steady and predictable returns.


Thorough inspections help to ensure that your property is properly maintained by your tenants. Here at PREAS, we utilize the newest property management software to provide you with a monthly report that that is inclusive of the fire systems, roof, interior/exterior, parking lots, ceilings, and other building systems.


General consulting on a project basis is available to help with acquisition, disposition, and loan support service of an asset; provide a third person overview of your current management company; construction over site as owner representative; or any other project where help is needed.

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